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THEE Secret Voice

Art by Zack Soto.
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Nov 7 '12

THE SECRET VOICE v.2 #1 debuts at BCGF this weekend!!!!

48p Full color insides, on bright newsprint.

The BCGF edition has a limited stencil cover (the larger edition will have riso’d covers that have yet to be printed). The interior printing turned out really nice. Seriously this thing is chock-full of story. If you got the Adhouse SV#1 way back when, there’s only 16 pages carried over from that, but they’ve been totally remastered and newly colored. Everything else is new. And if you’ve been reading it for free online, you can now see my actual page layouts and yadda yadda, which I am biased enough to think are preferable to the online reading experience. 

I’ll get some online to sell after the show, but ANYWAY! PRESS GANG IS AT TABLE D3 (right next to Picturebox)! THIS SATURDAY! YEAH! 


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